“We Hit the People’s Hearts” – Exclusive Interview with the Propnight Developers

Propnight is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game from the creators of the yet-to-be-released survival simulator The Day Before from the Yakut studio Fntastic. The game entered beta testing immediately after the announcement and became quite popular. In anticipation of the release, which is expected already on November 30, 2021, we decided to contact the authors and ask them a few questions of interest to us. What came of it – you will find out in this interview.

Anna Vasilieva, communications director at Fntastic, answered questions.

After the announcement of Propnight, players immediately had the opportunity to try out the beta, and the release was just around the corner. How long has the game been in development?

First of all, thanks to mmo13 and your audience for their interest in Propnight! Yes, we are currently preparing hard for the release. The beta showed us that the gamers have grown to love Propnight and are really looking forward to the game’s release. This inspired us a lot! We worked on it for a year and a half, put our hearts and souls into it and never stopped believing in its success. We are very proud of the Propnight team and look forward to the release together with players from all over the world.

Some users, after showing Propnight, had concerns that the game might affect the development of The Day Before. Could you confirm or deny these guesses?

Now Fntastic is several teams in one, within which work is always in full swing. The Day Before and Propnight were developed in parallel. The influence of these two games on each other is only the most positive and productive.

The concept of transforming into any objects appeared immediately or did you come up with it later, during development?

This concept was originally developed and improved during development. The game continues to improve to come out at its best on November 30th.

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Of course, the plot in such a project is not important, but could you explain who the survivors are and who are they running from? The Steam page does not provide answers to these questions.

Propnight has its own mysterious lore, and we happily thought of a lot of little things that can be noticed while playing the game. I would not want to take away from the players the pleasure of building theories and guessing about everything for themselves. Be careful playing Propnight!

As you said recently, the beta has gained a lot of popularity on Twitch despite the lack of marketing. What do you think is the reason for this?

We recently came across a YouTube video about Propnight with the headline “I’ve been waiting for this game for 12 years.” I think we got into the hearts of people, and this is the most important thing for us. Propnight is a fun game that is both fun to play and to watch. All of our decisions during the development of the game have been aimed precisely at this, and we are glad that our vision of fun meets the expectations of the players.

Speaking of streaming, do you plan on supporting content creators in any way?

We believe Propnight has great potential to be a favorite game for many people, and content creators play a huge role in the game’s community and promotion. We plan to support streamers on their mission to make people happier with our games. After all, this is our goal too.

During the beta, you were actively collecting feedback, including through Discord. Could you give at least a couple of examples of what will be changed based on user feedback?

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We would like to sincerely thank our beta testers – the feedback from the players helped us a lot, we took many tips and wishes about the game to work almost immediately. By listening to the players, we have rebalanced the game so that the game is interesting for both beginners and experienced players. As for the innovations, I would not like to announce them ahead of time, let’s wait for November 30!

Why is the arrangement of items not randomly generated? It will not be easy to confront an assassin who has memorized the entire map.

There are some technical limitations that make the arrangement of things exactly like this. But we will have a lot of interesting cards, so if the player remembers the location of all the props on all the cards, then he can only admire him, this is an indicator of his skill.

In Dead by Daylight there is such an unspoken rule – do not “tunnel” or “facecamp”. This is not punished in any way, but the community does not like such players, to put it mildly. Do you plan to leave these unpleasant mechanics on the conscience of people, or will there be any restrictions introduced to minimize them?

We’ve already made some balance adjustments to help keep things to a minimum. With the well-coordinated work of the team, it is now possible to save an ally from captivity without any special losses. For example, one distracts the Maniac, the second stuns, the third saves the partner. And this is just one of many tactics.

Should we expect collaborations with other well-known franchises?

Now we don’t think about collaborations yet, but in the future anything is possible. We see that Propnight can be interesting for everyone, and our publisher Mytona and I would be very happy to collaborate with famous franchises.

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What about alternate and / or timed modes?

We plan on introducing exciting new modes in future post-release updates.

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Was the ability to play for the same characters added in the CBT only, or will it remain after the release?

This feature will remain after the release. The gameplay for the Survivors will be approximately the same, only their appearance will differ. Therefore, we do not want to limit the freedom of players to choose the Survivor they like.

How will players be matched for matches? By rank, internal MMR or account level?

We have one general matchmaking mode. On release, it will depend on various parameters, the main of which is rank. In the future, we will of course continue to look for better ways to make matchmaking as fair as possible for all players.

Will there be any progression system in the game? For example, leveling your account, unlocking passive skills for survivors and assassins, a battle pass, in the end.

For the release, we have prepared a player level system and customization through loot boxes that can be opened for in-game currency. But we are focused on the core of the gameplay to make it the most interesting.

How do you want to support the game? Free updates, paid DLCs, or both?

We haven’t even thought about DLC yet, we’re aiming to perfect the base game.

Are there any plans for a console release?

At first we will develop the PC version, but in the near future we plan to release it on the console. I want to share our fun gameplay with as many players as possible, so getting to consoles is a great goal for us.

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