Werewolves Untamed – a card game about werewolves and cute waifu, released in May on iOS and Android

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In China, they are going to release the card game Werewolves Untamed. This is not a Hearthstone competitor (although who knows?), Because the gameplay is vertical and the interface and graphics look so-so. The cards are immediately placed on the table, although some of them are hidden. When a unit attacks, the avatar crawls out of the map and we look at a small animation. The game has a lot of text, there is a plot (also text).

The developers promise that it will be easy for beginners to get started, but the gameplay is “rich”. Plus donata will be sparing. The game takes an average of ten minutes. At the start there will be more than 200 cards with original pictures. There is a change of day and night, which affects the gameplay. For example, a unit can become a werewolf. Rating battles should be expected. Players complain that the day lasts a long time and sometimes they have to skip a turn, because they can only walk at night.

Werewolves Untamed will release on iOS and Android on May 13th. It will be a shareware project with microtransactions. Pre-registration can be done through TapTap… There is no information about a global release, although there is a page on Google Play.

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