World of Tanks Celebrates The Offspring’s New Album

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Recently, the American punk rock band The Offspring released a new album, Let the Bad Times Roll, for the first time in nine years. The developers of the multiplayer action game World of Tanks decided to celebrate the event by returning an American Tier VIII TL1 LPC tank with the Pretty Fly 3D style, created in conjunction with the group.

The TL1 LPC has a strong turret that allows you to play off the terrain and repel enemy shells. Frontal armor at rational angles can withstand a number of hits. The balanced weapon allows you to support the team from the second line and flanks even on the move. The indicator of one-time damage is 280 units, and the maximum speed reaches 50 km / h.

Together with the tank, a crew of four artists returned to the game. Players can fight to the lines of Dexter and Noodles. They also have the opportunity to get various customization elements related to The Offspring: decals, decals, emblems and a unique 2D Turn It Up style! 2D.

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