Xeno Command: Pre-registration is now open for a mobile strategy like Iron Marines

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Xeno Command is a mobile real-time strategy game from the creators of Soul Knight. Many people compare the project to Iron Marines, all because of the cartoonish graphics and futuristic setting. In the future, many corporations began to expand to other planets, which led to the awakening of ancient civilizations and other monsters. The developers promise random generation of levels, which will add replayability. During missions, you need to build buildings and train marines.

The guys from Chillyroom promise that no micromanagement is required to win Xeno Command: the controls are optimized for touch devices, so everything is done with tapes. Plus, the strategy can be adjusted to suit your style of play, and each mission provides a bunch of options for the development of events. The most interesting thing is that the project does not require a constant Internet connection (according to TapTap).

Xeno Command will be released on iOS and Android. It will probably be a shareware project with all that it implies. You can pre-register through TapTap… There is no information about the global version.

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