7 Best Kodi Gaming Add-ons you should know about

image 7 Best Kodi Gaming Add-ons you should know about

Kodi is a fascinating software and if you thought you knew everything about Kodi, buckle up to be surprised. The platform’s ability to accommodate a wide range of entertainment genres is the key to its astronomical growth.

Kodi is also used to play games alongside streaming movies, TV shows, documentary films, sports, anime, and much more. You can play many games on the media player thanks to its numerous native add-ons. 

Of course, since this discussion is about Kodi, your options are virtually endless. However, there are a few aspects about Kodi gaming that you ought to be aware of. The games are less complex and more focused on time-passing. Therefore, heavy duty combat games are not an option. 

Why Use Kodi?

It is indeed true that Kodi cannot take the role of a gaming console. However, it does have a lot to offer. The gaming experience on Kodi depends on the device you’re using. You can enhance the potential of this platform if you use the more game-friendly gadgets. 

One of these gadgets is the Amazon FireStick. You may play a variety of games on it, which is only one of its numerous features. By activating Kodi on the FireStick you can gain access to its vast repository of add-ons for all sorts of entertainment media. Therefore, optimize your FireStick with Kodi add-ons and have a wonderful gaming experience. 

Without further ado we’ll now talk about Kodi gaming plugins that allow you to play games on Kodi with ease in this article.

  1. Duck Shot 

Duck Shot is an intriguing Kodi gaming add-on. You target ducks on the display to get points, as the name of the game already makes it clear. It is influenced by the classic NES Game Duck Hunt. The best part of this game is its simplicity & easy to use interface. 

One drawback is that Duck Shot requires a mouse to play. Although you may argue that this game can only be played on certain devices, it is nonetheless entertaining. This third-party add-on is available on the SuperRepo repository.

  1. Steam Launcher

Steam Launcher is more of a bridge than a Kodi add-on. If you play video games, you probably already know that Steam is the largest PC game retailer. 

With the help of this Kodi add-on, you are able to activate Steam on your television and play PC games and explore other features. When you quit the Steam Launcher, Kodi returns to its default settings. The Add-on is available in the official Kodi repository. 

  1. RetroMania 

There are several fantastic games in the build. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of builds, Kodi builds are specialized collections of add-ons that are already configured together with custom backgrounds, advanced settings, and other features. 

RetroMania is among the best Kodi builds for gaming. This gaming setup is loaded with video applications, emulators, and game add-ons. 

The RetroMania Kodi game build eliminates the need to launch individual add-ons by making them all accessible from the home page. You must to register for a subscription on the official website before you can download RetroMania.

  1. Kodi Blackjack 

Kodi Blackjack is a straightforward card game. This particular game is merely intended for passing time while you are waiting for your installations to finish. 

Kodi Blackjack is simple, enjoyable, and fast. The platform is not burdened by the add-on. Utilizing the SuperRepo repository, you can get it. It was made by independent developers and is not a legitimate Kodi add-on.

  1. Netwalk Game

Netwalk Game serves as a guide. It connects Kodi to your PC and enables Kodi gaming on any device. All devices can run Netwalk however touchscreen devices are where you’ll really appreciate it. It has a reputation of being addictive owing to its amazing features. 

  1. 2048

2048 is a well-known puzzle game. The goal is to assemble the tiles so that the total is 2048. 

The game 2048 is considerably better when played than it sounds when it is described. You can play this game on a large screen thanks to the Kodi gaming add-on. 

It is available for download from the SuperRepo repository. At first you may use this game to pass the time, but before long you’ll find yourself enjoying 2048 more frequently.

  1. Advanced Launcher 

Advanced Launcher is a unique Kodi gaming add-on that enables you to launch any application using Kodi on any preferred gadget. Kodi’s media player powers are significantly improved with Advanced Launcher. This add-on is available on the Angelscry repository. 

Final Word 

Kodi is incredibly adept at carrying out numerous tasks at once. Who knew you could play games with this champion. Its functions as a device for gaming are naturally limited, but they are still sufficient. The games are quick, simple, enjoyable, and free.

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