Esports and Betting: How to Place Your First Bet on Esports Tournaments

esports Esports and Betting: How to Place Your First Bet on Esports Tournaments

You might wonder how you can enjoy esports and place bets on your favorite teams, and tournaments like you do with MLB spreads. Fortunately, this is pretty easy for players since many sports betting sites let you bet on esports easily. All you have to do as a newbie is to find the right spot, ensuring that you have all the correct information.

We’ve provided a simple step-by-step guide that you can follow. You don’t need to worry about any other complex guide. Everything you would need to place your first esports bet is included in this piece. Take a few minutes to read through, and you can always do some additional research if you feel some parts are not clear. Let’s dive right in!

Know the Tournaments 

Before you start betting on esports, you need to know the available tournaments. To avoid spending time you could check what competitions are listed on BetUs. So, you should know the different popular esports that you can bet on. In most cases, the games you can bet on in their tournaments include the following:

  • Dota 2
  • Leagues of Legends
  • FIFA
  • CS: GO
  • Call of Duty

If the games you want to bet on are among the ones listed, you will not have any issues finding a tournament to wager on. If you’re already familiar with the rules and how points are scored, you can proceed to the next phase of this guide. But if not, you should take the time to learn about the tournaments before getting started. 

Choose a Suitable Sports Betting Site

Now that you know the tournaments you want to focus on, you need to ensure that you know how to find a suitable sports betting site. Although this might be a tedious endeavor, you can always spend time with the different sportsbooks available. Therefore, you should follow expert tips.

You can check top review sites to see different online sportsbooks you should pick from whenever you want to enjoy an outstanding sports betting experience. You can also enjoy different bonuses. 

Register and Deposit

After selecting the sportsbook you like, the next phase is to register an account at the casino. This is how you can become a member to access all the betting features available. The registration process is usually simple. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about going through complex issues.

You can even finish it within seconds because many sites offer tutorials to beginners to make the process easy. Once you are done, and you can log into your account, the next phase is to fund your account. To do this, you only have to go to the deposit page, select a payment option, and enter the amount you want to deposit. The site will credit your bet account almost immediately.  

Claim the Welcome Bonus

In most cases, the sports betting site will offer you a welcome bonus offer, and whenever you want to play, you can start by using the bonus cash. The good thing is that you don’t need to risk your real money to win with some of these bonuses. You can even use it to place bets on other sports while looking through BetUs for information.

You can even be lucky to get a no deposit offer, where you don’t have to deposit any amount before you can claim the deposit. You just need to follow the specified instructions, and you’ll receive the offer in your account once your registration is done. You can use this offer to place bets on different esports games without risking your bankroll. 

Place Your First Bet

With your account credited and ready to use, you can start your esports gaming journey. You only need to head on to the sportsbook section, where you will find different sports available. After that, you can scroll down to find the esports section. Once you do, you can go on to place your first bet.

Before you do that, ensure that you have your predictions ready so that you’ll only have to pick the games once you open the various tournaments you want to bet on. Once you pick your bets, you should enter the amount you want to bet and confirm. You just have to wait for the options you pick to succeed, and you’ve won. 

Additional Tips

Betting on anything, including esports, is tricky. You need to understand that there are plenty of games available, and you need to rely on the teams you are backing not to disappoint. It is better to have a betting strategy and work on it to perfection. Remember only to bet money you can afford to lose.

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